A Brief History of Chinese Herbal Medicine

chinese medicineChinese Herbal Medicine is a science developed in China which started more than 3,000 years ago and is used by more than 700,000,000 Asians daily for their health care needs.

The current system of Chinese Herbal Medicine is based on thousands of research studies over hundreds and hundreds of years.

There are hundreds of fully accredited Colleges and Universities world wide training doctors in the systematic diagnosis and prescription of Standardized quality controlled and regulated herbal Medicines. It takes four to six years of University training, internship and testing to be licensed to be to prescribe Chinese Herbal Medicines.

Chinese herbals are comprised of mostly plant products that have been studied, researched, and classified for their properties and effects on the human body. They are usually combined into a formula designed to treat patterns of imbalance that are diagnosed by a trained Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

They are generally safe, although we recommend a review of your current medications to avoid rare interactions, (please refer to www.webmd.com for known herbal and drug interactions). The herbal Medicines are generally inexpensive, usually between $6 and $20 for a month’s supply.

Both western and Chinese Physicians work together in Chinese hospitals treating such diseases as asthma, trauma and recovery, cancer, autoimmune disease, cold, heart disease and most other diseases and service more than 1.4 billion people. For more information on traditional medicine including acupuncture and herbal medicines visit the World Health Organization’s website and their key facts about traditional medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine is time tested, safe and used on literally billions of patients over the years with good success when prescribed by an experienced and licensed Physician of Oriental Medicine.

Chinese Herbals are not regulated by the FDA because they are not considered controlled substances. They can be purchased without a prescription, but it is advised that you consult a trained Doctor of Oriental Medicine to use them properly.

One last thing to remember concerning herbal medicine: herbal medicine works slowly and takes time to achieve the changes in human physiology which can strengthen and balance biological functions that cause the symptoms we tend to focus on. Be patient, it works much like exercise: the more consistent you are, over time, the more benefits you see.