Arthritis Treatment Program

Arthritis – Numerous research studies indicate that both Physical Therapy and Acupuncture Therapy can be effective and safe long term approaches for Arthritis. The combination of both can also enhance each other, providing an improved long term approach for managing the pain and loss of functional mobility and independence caused by Arthritic joints.

The common phrase doctors love to repeat is ‘Bone on Bone’.

Treatments are limited in Western medicine to drugs that effect liver and digestion function, injections that have the potential to cause more joint damage and major surgery to replace worn out joints.


In other parts of the world, treatments are less aggressive and risky. At Stillpoint we focus on improving the health, strength and flexibility of joints, attempting to manage arthritis and improve functionality.

Many people benefit from evidence based treatments such as Acupuncture, tui na massage, herbal medicine and supervised progressive exercise programs that help to safely and naturally restore functional use of arthritic joints.

In most eastern countries it is standard practice to combine acupuncture with physical therapy to achieve the best results in restoring and maintaining functional use of arthritic joints.

We believe that long term strategies with arthritis include exercise, stretching, good diet, acupuncture and wellness treatments, along with herbal medicine and western drugs taken as sparingly as possible.