Back and Neck Conditions

lower_back_painBack and Neck Conditions are the leading cause of disability and loss of work hours in the country.

Most doctors prescribe medications that only treat symptoms, or steroid injections and surgery, which has historically worked in 50% percent of cases or less.

Physical Therapy is mainly directed at strengthening weak muscles, but what if the various exercises cause more pain? How do pain suffers work out of acute or chronic pain that seems to only improve with rest, causing stiffness, and weakness over time.

At Stillpoint we offer treatments that address the pain and inflammation cycle that are evidence based and used by hundreds of millions world wide.

We have incorporated Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and natural injection therapy, with laser, ultra sound and manual therapy techniques to improve the cellular environment, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation so that progressive stretching and strengthening can be safely conducted without increasing unwanted symptoms that slow or prevent recovery, and usually at one affordable cost.

Chiropractic Therapy and Massage Therapy is also available at our Stillpoint Therapy Center.

Weather or not your neck or back injury Is acute¸ chronic or post surgical, treatment with Physical Therapy and or Acupuncture Therapy can speed and guide recovery and functional restoration. Treatment directed to address the conditions that slow or impede healing, thus allowing faster more complete recovery and the changes needed to more successfully exercise and strengthen chronically weakened tissue.