Balance and Vestibular

Balance and Safety is important especially for aging people. Falls cause millions of health care dollars each year. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Balance can be broken down into the components we use to sense and coordinate movement.  There are simple and effective techniques to improve balance and safety awareness, including vestibular repositioning maneuvers that improve vertigo, proprioception and coordination, thus reducing fall risk and enhancing ease of movement.

Stillpoint has developed a customized and comprehensive program for improving balance, coordination and safety, that is progressive and can benefit young and old alike.

Dizziness and vertigo is a unique problem that can, in most cases be quickly and effectively treated by specific maneuvers that reposition fluid and crystals in the middle ear.

We have experienced Therapists who can preform these maneuvers safely and it is covered by insurance. We can usually see these patients on the same day they call, as it can be a dangerous and debilitating condition requiring fast treatment to avoid falls.