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Tai Chi and Chi Gong are ancient oriental practices which are designed to improve balance, blood and chi circulation and is believed to improve organ function and build energy.

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Resent research has demonstrated the surprising health benefits of this unique type of exercise conducted by millions every day in Eurasia.

Tai Chi – What are Tai Chi and Chi Gong?

Tai Chi and Chi Gong (say “chee goong”) are traditional Chinese movement exercises. They are based on two ideas:

  • Energy, called qi or chi, flows through the body along “energy pathways” called meridians. If the flow of chi is blocked or unbalanced at any point on a pathway, it is thought that you may become ill. You do Tai Chi and Chi Gong to increase energy (chi or qi) flow and improve health through gentle, graceful, repeated movements.
  • Nature, including the body, consists of opposing forces called yin and yang. Good health results when these forces are in balance. You do Tai Chi and Chi Gong movements in an attempt to help restore the body’s balance of yin and yang.

Tai chi is a series of movements done either very slowly or quickly to help move the body’s chi. People use Tai Chi as a way to combine meditation and movement and to improve and maintain health.

Chi Gong involves different movements that may be done in different orders. Some common Chi Gong movements include raising and lowering the arms, moving the head from side to side, and gently rubbing the ears, feet, and hands.

What are Tai Chi and Chi Gong used for?

People may use Tai Chi and Chi Gong to improve posture, balance, coordination, endurance, and flexibility and to maintain good health and quality of life. One study found that Tai Chi boosts immunity and resistance to the shingles virus in older adults.1

Are Tai Chi and Chi Gong safe?

As with any physical activity, people who perform Tai Chi and Chi Gong may experience muscle strains or sprains. Gentle stretching before a tai chi or chi gong session can prevent most injuries.

In most cases, you can safely use Tai Chi and Chi Gong alongside conventional medical treatments.


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