Wellness Classes

More Wellness Classes Coming Soon!

Many people are more consistent with exercise if they attend regular wellness classes. At Stillpoint we are in the process of developing various classes to help maintain flexibility, strength and fitness for both basic, geriatric, and advanced levels.

Yoga Is a 3000 year old practice to regain and maintain flexibility, strength, balance, endurance and mental relaxation. It is practiced by millions around the world. At the Stillpoint Therapy Center we offer a variety of class options from geriatric yoga to beginner and intermediate classes.

Tai Chi and Chi Gong:
Tai Chi and Chi Gong are ancient oriental practices which are designed to improve balance, blood andĀ chi circulation and is believed to improve organ function and build energy.

Recent research has demonstrated the surprising health benefits of this unique type of exercise conducted by millions every day in Eurasia.

General strength and breathing exercises such asĀ geriatric exercise, breathing and popular group exercises like Zumba and dance are given by popular demand.

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