neurology painNeuropathy – Do you have numb, burning, pins and needles, restless legs, cramping, or all of these symptoms in your feet? Then you may have neuropathy.

This is a condition that is usually progressive and is a leading cause of disability today. Due to poor understanding and treatment options until just recently, most doctors ignore the complaints posed by patients, or prescribe dangerous drugs that only mask the symptoms and do nothing to remove the cause.

Unless the cause is compressed nerves, neuropathy probably is caused by a progressive loss of small vessels in the feet due to many factors, such as uncontrolled blood sugar, exposure to chemicals, vitamin deficiency, or genetic factors.

There is effective treatment that can reduce or remove neuropathy symptoms, improving  balance, restoring sensation, speeding healing of wounds and reduction in pain symptoms.”

This treatment involves the use of special equipment that is just becoming popular in the medical community and is available at Stillpoint Therapy  Center. We are a certified neuropathy care center, and the only one who incorporates the latest in neuropathy care.

This includes cold laser therapy, anodyne therapy, solaris therapy, rebuilder therapies all effective in improving circulation and nerve function. These new technology, along with home management, balance and strength training improve functional mobility, safety and quality of life.

We have been successfully treating neuropathy for the past 8 years. Please call to set up  an appointment for evaluation paid for by insurance to see if you are a good candidate for this safe treatment.

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