Meet Our Staff

Alachua Health Services at Stillpoint Therapy Center boasts a number of highly trained and experienced staff members to assist your therapy needs.

Wm. Scott Barnett, PT pro_staffGCS AP: Board Certified in geriatric physical therapy, former Director of Rehab North Florida Regional Medical Center, former instructor at the University of Florida Physical Therapy School and licensed acupuncture physician and herbalist with over 34 years experience in combining physical therapy and acupuncture techniques for difficult and chronic illness and dysfunction.

Dagna Galara PT

Rick Dubas DC

Edwin Urbe AP DOM

Anita Steingle AP DOM

Natasha Johnson PTA

Kimberly Heninger PTA LMT

Lindsey Chapman PTA

Vemila Smith LMT

Lucia Jarva LMT

Monika Lewandowska LMT

Erin Brockovich LMT

Elaina Thomas LMT

Wendy Blond Office Manager

Dana Sparks Billing Services

Mellisa Wrenn Administration