Stillpoint Therapy Center – Gainesville, FL

Welcome to Stillpoint Therapy Center!

At our Stillpoint Physical Therapy Center we offer the latest in spine for rehab treatments, plus the more traditional, time tested and natural approach of Oriental Medicine like Acupuncture, Cupping and Herbal Medicine.

We have a lot to offer, try our methods of “Integrated Treatment.”

Comprehensive Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Cold laser Therapy, PEMF, Cupping, Natural Injection Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Massage Therapy, Neuropathy Care, Pain Management, Balance and Fitness Training, Post Surgery Recovery, Post Cancer Care, Headaches, Vertigo, Physical Decline. All this and more…

Many clinics offer Physical Therapy separate from Chiropractic and Acupuncture Therapy, but only at Stillpoint will the therapies be truly integrated at one cost.

Oriental Medicine training is a 7 to 8 years of extensive study of TCM  involving pulse and tongue diagnosis, pattern diagnosis, meridian and point selection, Tui Na Massage, Tai Chi and Ghi Gong, diet and herbal medicine recommendations. This training is specific to Oriental Medical Model and is very different from the Western Medical Model.

Physical Therapy training requires 7 years of training in Western Disease, anatomy, rehab exercise for orthopedic and neurologic dysfunction and retraining.

The true integration of both can only be done by one who has had both trainings. This allows for seamless integration of both therapies to speed recovery and treat more difficult chronic conditions, as well as to improve all aspects of health and functional mobility.

We are also the only clinic that has both western Physical Therapists and Chinese trained Acupuncturists working together to provide the full spectrum of Therapy options. We wear both hats, and that benefits you!!

Stillpoint Therapy Center is located in Gainesville, Florida, the heart of Alachua County. Our beautiful facility is on two park-like acres, providing a tranquil and relaxing setting that is conducive to healing. Features include a full fitness center, private treatment rooms, and the latest technology and rehabilitation services.

Our philosophy is that taking the time to develop a personal relationship with each patient will result in a more successful outcome. Most medical conditions affect emotional and mental aspects of the patient, in addition to the physiology.

We are skilled and compassionate professionals who specialize in personalized evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic neck and back pain, arthritis, wrist and hand injuries, foot and ankle pain, headaches, neuropathy, tendonitis, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, gait and balance disorders, vestibular dizziness, general weakness, and neurologic disorders such as stroke.